Frequently asked questions :

Palpate-roll massages the skin perpendicular to the venous networks, while palpate-drainage massages in parallel, respecting the vessels and effectively relieving circulatory problems.

5 to 10 minutes of daily use awakens and maintains lymph circulation, thus eliminating metabolic waste.

3️⃣Tirez like a razor

By changing the angle of inclination, you can increase or decrease the palpated effect. There's no need to go so far as to cause pain: palpé drainant is effective and has a pleasant sensation.

Massage should follow the direction of lymphatic circulation (see instructions for use).

The tool can be used to apply oil or cream; use it dry to heat and open the skin's pores.

Symmetrical application of Boulado and Boulado Paleurs optimizes effects and results, and saves time during your session.

Toxins are better circulated and eliminated by the lymph.


Lymph, coming from the blood capillaries, brings oxygen to billions of cells, ensuring tissue regeneration through their renewal, propelled from the middle to the periphery of our body. 
Lymph recovers metabolic waste products: toxins, acids, dead cells... It returns to the thorax via the lymphatic capillaries beneath the skin. Recovered waste ends up in the urine, via the kidneys.

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